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The Top 3 Reasons You Need PUL in Your Pool

Everyone loves the idea of having a pool—a shimmering oasis right in your backyard. A pool offers relief from the summer heat as well as a serene view that instantly calms the senses. Yet behind that shining oasis lies a dirty secret: the constant battle against grime and debris, and the dread of using clunky pool vacuums. The solution to this battle extends beneath the surface—PUL Products’ top-of-the-line in-floor pool cleaning systems. Our cutting-edge technology promises a pristine poolside paradise. Welcome to the world of PUL Products, where we revolutionize your pool maintenance experience.

Saving You Stress

At the heart of our innovative system is our meticulously designed in-floor PUL Jets. We customize the layout of our pool jets for your specific pool, strategically positioning each one to cover every square inch of your pool floor. The result is a thorough and efficient clean that leaves your pool glistening. No more worrying about hidden pockets of debris or missed spots–our system takes care of it all.

Saving Your Scenery 

PUL’s pool-cleaning products are not only functional, but aesthetic as well. We believe that a beautifully-designed pool deserves equally beautiful cleaning elements. Our PUL Jets come in a variety of colors to match your pool surface and preference. Even our PUL Collekt Drains are custom-designed to accept the floor finish of your pool in order to blend seamlessly into your pool floor. PUL’s system is set up so that when you look out your window, the only thing that will catch your eye is the unvaried surface of your picturesque pool. To begin customizing your pool experience, get in touch today!

Saving You Time

Time, a precious commodity often in short supply, deserves to be cherished. We understand the value of your time, which is why we designed the PUL Conekt app—your portal to painless pool cleaning management. This innovative app puts you in control of your pool cleaning schedule. Customize cleaning times, adjust jet settings, and monitor the cleaning progress—all from the palm of your hand. With PUL Conekt, your pool maintenance fits effortlessly into your busy life, leaving you with more time to actually enjoy your pool.


The dream of owning a pool no longer needs to be weighed down by the dread of pool maintenance. PUL Products’ mission is to offer in-floor pool cleaning solutions that combine inventive design, user-friendly technology, and beautiful aesthetics. With our comprehensive cleaning system, you can revel in the joys of pool ownership without the hassle of traditional maintenance methods. PUL Products has your pool maintenance covered, leaving you with more time to create lasting summer memories! If you’re ready to say hello to a hassle-free pool experience, get in touch with us!

Innovation & News

PUL Products: Who We Are (Passion, Productivity, and Water Power)

Welcome to PUL Products, where water power meets cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your pool cleaning experience. We are the next generation of pool cleaning. Our company has taken in-floor pool cleaning to an entirely new level by creating groundbreaking products and specialized valves to clean your pool more efficiently and thoroughly, with no hassle from you. With over 50 years of combined expertise in the in-floor pool cleaning industry, we know all about pool cleaning—what to look for, what to change, and exactly what you need. We can’t wait to provide you with unparalleled pool maintenance.

Jim Goettl: Innovating and Inventing

Our owner, Jim Goettl, grew up watching his father continuously innovating, inventing and improving his in-floor pool cleaning products. After retiring, Jim’s father pulled out old files, drawings, and other amazing ideas…everything that would drive Jim’s vision for PUL and our revolutionary technology. Jim has continued his father’s mission and passion to ensure that PUL’s in-floor systems are the best and smartest on the market. Most importantly, PUL Products is a fully independent company—unlike most other in-floor pool cleaning services owned by large corporations. 

“PUL Products was formed from a deep-rooted history, and generations of experience in leading swimming pool technology development. Growing up as the son of a brilliant inventor, I remember vividly how my father’s mind would never stop. It seemed that every tablet of paper, envelope back or even a magazine cover around our home, was covered with hand-sketched expressions of the next innovative design he was refining in his mind. Because of the contributions and influence of my father, our Visioneering Team members are the inventors and brilliant engineering minds behind over 100 US patents, as well as many of the pool industry’s leading and most successful products.”
-Jim Goettl
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Quality You Can Feel 

PUL Products prioritizes uncompromising quality in every single component we manufacture, setting us apart from the competition. Our commitment to maintaining a gold standard for excellence is palpable, evident the moment you encounter one of our PUL Products, such as our unique PUL Jet and PUL Collekt drain. We call this standard “PUL Perfekt”. We strive to be the best in the industry by always using superior materials that will stand up to frequent use and keep your pool crystal-clear with little to no guidance on your end.

PUL’s Passion for Our Products

In-floor pool cleaning is our passion—we never stop thinking about how to make our automatic pool cleaners better, our technology more seamless, and our customers even more satisfied. As Jim Goettl emphasizes, “We are always working on something interesting, something new…something disruptive.” Our unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for innovation produces products that provide you with unparalleled pool maintenance.

Dedicated Team = Exceptional Customer Experience

Behind every innovative solution, there is an equally dedicated team. At PUL Products, our pool cleaning technicians are highly trained professionals who are passionate about what they do. They ensure that every pool system they service meets the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene all while verifying that your personalized technology, PUL Conekt, is running smoothly. Our business is all about customer service, and we establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust and reliability. Our team goes the extra mile to address your specific pool cleaning needs, offering personalized solutions that align perfectly with your pool’s requirements. We don’t just want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them! 

At PUL Products, we focus on providing disruptive technologies and products that will greatly enhance the ownership experience for pool users, while bringing value and success to our partners. We are passionate about utilizing quality materials to develop new technology because we want to offer you trouble-free pool maintenance and timeless memories. We’re always dedicated to giving you the best.
Are you ready to dive into the future of pool cleaning? Reach out to us and let us show you the transformative power of water and technology for your pool oasis.

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How to Create a Perfect Pool Oasis

Dancing sunlight, sparkling water, the smell of mesquite drifting from the grill. Summer is a time filled with smiles, laughter, and unforgettable family vacations. Here at PUL Products, we welcome the slower pace, the longer days, and the countless ways water can bring families together and create lasting memories. Ready to discover how you can prepare the perfect summer oasis? Let’s dive in!

Keep It Personal

Looking for ways to optimize the summer season and have some fun along the way? Envision a pool aesthetic that checks all the boxes: something that combines individual style with ease and efficiency. Perhaps you’d like to create a fun and functional outdoor living area ideal for large gatherings and late-night parties. PUL’s in-floor cleaning systems allow you to forget about unsightly equipment and complicated maintenance. Instead, kick back with your friends and simply change your pool settings on the PUL Conekt App

At PUL, we’re passionate about personalization—whether you’re a minimalist drawn to neutral colors and modern decor or an artisan of bright colors and local design. We even offer our PUL Jets in a range of colors to accommodate your color palette. We’re here, along with your builder, to shoulder the heavy lifting so that you’re free to enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and smarter pool.  

Keep It Smart 

Remember that old adage, “Work smarter, not harder”? We couldn’t agree more. We know factors like time, cost, and energy are foundational to building a sustainable and enjoyable water encounter. Our clients enjoy a low-maintenance cleaning experience while using up to 30% less energy. We know the pool cleaning industry can be hard to navigate, but our solution is simple: harnessing water power and ground-breaking technology. Our efficient, innovative systems are tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual consumer. Our custom layout and adjustable heads eliminate dead spots and clean every square inch of the pool. We have the most technologically advanced cleaning systems on the market and we make it easy to work smarter!

We believe the ultimate pool experience can be functional and appealing. Whether you’re a homeowner daydreaming about summers spent enjoying your pool, or a builder looking to offer fully customizable cleaning systems, you can rest easy knowing that, here at PUL, your dreams come first. Ready to get started? Drop by and say hello. We’d love to hear from you!

Innovation & News

How to Harness Technology and Water for Impeccable Results

Water is powerful. From the ocean’s thunderous tide to a life-giving summer rain, water is essential to every part of our world. It generates new growth, changes landscapes, drives complex machinery, and is essential for every living cell…and even better, it can be used to create a highly functional oasis for you to enjoy. At PUL Products, we don’t just believe in the power of water: we harness it. For years, we’ve worked relentlessly to step beyond traditional pool cleaning systems and deliver an unrivaled pool encounterone that’s smarter, more efficient, and better for your health. Based on the newest technology, you can control your PUL self-cleaning pool system from your smartphoneanywhere. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a way to perfect your pool experience or a builder searching for a seamless installation process, we’re here to guide you every step of the way with our self-cleaning pool systems.  


We Respect Your Time and Space

Unlike run-of-the-mill cleaning systems, we don’t abide by the philosophy that one size fits all. We’re here to help analyze your particular needs and work with your builder to prepare a customized layout designed to save you effort, time, and undue stress. We are with you from the beginning of planning to the final hammer swing. From crystal clear water to better circulation and energy efficiency, our innovative in-floor technology self-cleaning pool systems far exceed robotic cleaning systems on the current market. At the end of the day, we save our clients time by meeting their goals with real solutions and ensuring them a low-maintenance, durable, and adaptable cleaning strategy

Creating a flawless pool aesthetic requires more than trendy outdoor furniture and a picturesque view. It needs a pool cleaning system that is powerful, programmable, and intelligent: a system capable of maintaining an effective and spotless environment. PUL’s specialized products will keep your pool sparkling while allowing you to adjust countless settings from your smartphone. But even better, our zone-by-zone cleaning methods work alongside our custom head layout to cover every square inch of your pool! Leave behind hours of problem solving, days spent scouring pool floors, and yards of troublesome hoses, and embrace a new season filled with enjoyment and relaxation. No more missed areas or expensive pool cleaning services. PUL is engineered just for you and your space


We Respect the Process 

As professionals rooted in the pool industry for over 50 years, we’re very familiar with the ins and outs of the owner-builder process. We know many traditional design and installation processes offered by large corporations are fraught with frustrating moments and time-consuming details. That’s why we offer our clients an entirely unique and worry-free interface; we’ve created PUL’s design and installation process to be simple, straightforward, and even enjoyable (and we truly mean that!). We’ll work closely with you to find a builder who will capture your vision, streamline the planning and design process, and program your unique system, utilizing the PUL Conekt App. In the end, our primary focus is you. You can rest assured that, from start to finish, we’ll shoulder all the details and help you create a cleaner, smarter, and transformational pool oasis. That is why we pride ourselves in manufacturing the best self-cleaning pool systems.

At PUL, we’re passionate about utilizing smart self-cleaning pool systems and innovative pool products to provide our customers with effortless experiences and lifelong memories. We’ll show you how to harness technology and water power so you can pour your time and energy into what matters most. Are you ready to jump in? Leave us a note and one of our team members will be in touch!